We’ve spent over a year in lockdown because of the coronavirus. Let’s not forget who has been there for us every step of the way during our time of need: weed. Whether we were bored at home or feeling stressed out, a little reefer helped us fight the madness.

Today is the day we celebrate the wondrous nature of cannabis and all of its healing properties. Why 420? There are many theories, but the most popular and widely accepted remains the story of the Waldos. If you haven’t heard it ? back in the ’70s, a group of high school students would meet up at 4:20pm to get high, using the term ‘420’ as their stoner code.

Fast forward to today, it’s become the biggest holiday in cannabis culture. Dispensaries throughout San Diego promote their best and biggest deals of the year, plus many offer freebies, food and live entertainment. Join in the dispensary parties, or get delivery to your door – just be ready when the clock strikes 4:20.

Happy 420 from San Diego Weeder

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