We’re proud to be a part of the cannabis community, especially here in sunny San Diego, CA. Part of our pride comes from an unwavering commitment to the values we hold near and dear to us—a unique mission we all believe in. 

That’s why we’re equal parts honored and thrilled to bring you up to speed on our latest and greatest project: Weed4thePeople

What is Weed4thePeople?

Weed-4-The-People is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to own a part of Prime Harvest Inc. It’s a different type of stock offering. It’s a stock offering where every single dollar you invest goes towards using technology to radically alter the customer experience, developing our own direct-to-consumer application and expanding statewide delivery.

Think of it as part of our mission to strengthen the commercial cannabis pipeline while positively affecting millions of lives through our world-class platform. 

Getting Involved

So just where would my investment go, anyways?

Let’s take a look at some of the initiatives your investment in Weed4thePeople would help fund.

The California Statewide Delivery Project

Marijuana Business Daily projects that, by 2024, the California market will generate $6.9 billion to $8.1 billion in annual sales through adult-use retailers and another $200 million to $240 million in annual medical cannabis sales.

That’s why we’re working tirelessly to bring you a new delivery mobile app. 

The Jaxx delivery app is a reliable, easy to use platform that delivers to patrons in the cities where we operate. By increasing access to cannabis products, we aim to inspire and encourage people from all walks of life to elevate their wellness by discovering new, high-quality cannabis brands.

Prepay, Pick Up & Go
Say goodbye to waiting in long lines. Fast track your next visit and reserve your order in-app for express pickup.

A New Type of Social Media

Tired of having your social media posts mysteriously flagged? We’re dreaming of creating a new, safe social media community where users and vendors can post freely without the fear of their content or profile getting flagged or deleted.

Feeling artsy? Take photos and videos with unique Jaxx filters. Get points, special offers and free swag when you share with friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Live Budtender Support

Have a question? Video chat live with a virtual budtender for additional product information and hand-picked recommendations based on how you’d like to feel.

Exclusive Shareholder Perks

1.Own Part Of Jaxx Cannabis

Join in the financial success of our future growth through a potential increase in shareholder value.

2.Exclusive Jaxx Cannabis Investor Merch

We are creating new collectible merchandise items exclusively for our Weed-4-The-People participants.

3.Enjoy Lifetime Cashback Rewards 

Weed-4-The-People participants receive amazing lifetime discounts in all of our JAXX Cannabis locations and on our online shop.

4.Discounted Boycot Shitty Weed™ Merchandise 

Get a boosted discount from our cannabis lifestyle brand partner with a special family and friends discount code.

Who is Prime Harvest?

Born in 2017, Prime Harvest is a legal cannabis business owned by people who believe in the power and potential of the plant. These people are our friends, our shareholders, our community, and the heart and soul of our business.

Prime Harvest is committed to being a purpose-driven organization that increases shareholder value by investing in employees, delivering value to customers, dealing ethically with suppliers and supporting the communities in which we operate.

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